Ad Campaign Client Interview: Calvin Klein Perfumes.

Before we made the "Guys on Sofas" campaign for CK-One, we talked to the owner of the brand... Calvin Klein. He was flying in his private jet and we were sitting in our office.

Calvin Klein: I'm really excited about using Joey the Midwife for my new cologne ad campaign. Which theme do you think would be best for CK-One, my best fragrance?

Joey the Midwife: GUYS ON SOFAS.

Calvin Klein: Whoa, that's awesome. What's the latest on your rates? How much is this gonna cost me?

Joey the Midwife: This is a magazine campaign, so the price is $4,000.

Calvin Klein: You guys are the best... I'm going to use you for all my ads from now on.

Joey the Midwife: That's fine.

Calvin Klein: Hey, I have a new fragrance coming out in Spring 2005 that's gonna be a knockout. It's called "Spectrum Rose" and I'll need a major ad campaign for it. Any change you'll have some new themes available by then?

Joey the Midwife: As a matter of fact, we have a few new themes coming out soon. One is called "Ice Age" and one is called "Corrupted Jester."

Calvin Klein: Tell me more!

Joey the Midwife: Here's a sample image for the Corrupted Jester theme. It is from the Middle Ages but it looks like a Gen X album...

(Faxing the image...)

Calvin Klein: Oh, man--what a beautiful image. It came out great on my color fax. You know, that would be great for a map company or an atlas distributor or something. Hmm. I love the "Corrupted Jester" theme, but I think I would need a different image. Got anything else for the "Corrupted Jester" theme?

Joey the Midwife: Yeah. Actually the image I was thinking would work for your new fragrance called "Spectrum Rose" is...

(Faxing the image...)

Calvin Klein: Oh, wow! This is just what I was hoping to see... an image with creativity, with passion for life! The jester is smiling, yet he is totally corrupted. It's perfect. Actually, it's totally perfect. I can see using the Corrupted Jester theme for four fashion perfume seasons in a row--for a whole year. (Screaming) THIS IMAGE COULD MAKE "SPECTRUM ROSE" MY MOST SUCCESSFUL PERFUME EVER!

Joey the Midwife: Great. Please send the check to the normal address and please don't forget to not schedule any meetings with us.

Calvin Klein: PS, here's the inspiration for the perfume "Spectrum Rose."

Joey the Midwife: Cool, and here's our inspiration.

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